Scheduling: The hardest easiest part of competition management.

Responsible for scheduling over 70,000 sporting events per year, SchedulOpt® solves one of the most complex problems faced by sporting organisations.




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Build Perfect Competition Schedules in Minutes

Creating the perfect sports schedule to meet the demands of your teams, venues, and fans is hard.

So we built an application that takes the time and pain away, allowing you to automate game scheduling and optimize your schedules to minimise conflicts, while meeting all of your business rules.

Pain-free schedule automation
Take away the spreadsheets and sticky-notes, and automate your entire scheduling process from end to end.
Optimize schedules to suit your organisations objectives
No more compromises between perfect schedules and team satisfaction. Configure your schedules to find an optimal balance.
Minimize Scheduling Conflicts
Minimize poorly scheduled games schedule while optimizing the allocation of venues; staff and league resources.
Meet the needs of all clubs, teams and venues
Factor in time, venue, hierarchical, distance, and many more preferences and requirements for every team.

Minimize Scheduling Conflicts

With a proprietary mathematical optimization engine powered by AutoStat®, ensure all games are scheduled automatically at the right time and place without any clashes.

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Automate, Optimize and Publish

Take weeks and months’ of pre-season stress away and build, review and publish perfect schedules in a fraction of the time.

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Manage team entries, preferences, rules and more

Factor in all constraints; venue information; team preferences; relegations and promotions with ease.

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Anytime Access

No software downloads required. Simply access the application via your preferred browser, with the application managed as a cloud-based platform.


Remove time and business risk, and unlock major productivity gains with advanced automation and ML/AI by the PhD-led team from Predictive Analytics Group

Full Integration

Integrate SchedulOpt with your preferred Competition Management Platform*

*Available on Request. Subject to Integration Limitations of your Competition Management software.

Choose your plan

Simple per-team pricing (USD). All plans are fully customizable to
meet the specific needs and demands of your teams, clubs, competitions and players.

  • Junior, Grassroots and Amateur Leagues

Pricing from

  • Per Team, Per Season

  • College-Level, Semi-Professional Leagues

Pricing from

  • Per Team, Per Season

  • Professional Leagues, Bespoke Requirements

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  • Let's learn more about your league.


Our Team

Meet the team of mathematicians and data scientists committed to empowering
sports administrators with the latest in AI/ML and operations research.

Theo Gazos, PhD

Chris Strickland, PhD
Chief Data Scientist

Ryan Gallagher
Project Manager

Maggie Sun, PhD
Optimization Expert

Tim Hyndman, PhD
Optimization Expert

Wendy Nguyen, PhD
Senior Data Scientist

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